Destroy Google

The leftists at Google aren’t waiting for the FEC to ban conservative blogs. No way. Google is going all out to prevent anyone from reading blogs it disagrees with while pandering to terrorist organizations.

Working backwarks (so that moonbats will understand)

 * [Captain's Quarters ]( no longer available from Google's search engine.
* [Little Green Footballs ]( out that Google considers neo-Nazis valid news source.
* Google refuses to accept[ Michelle Malkin ]( a news source.
* LGF finds that [Google runs terrorist recruiting ads ]( Hamas.

Let me know if you would like a little browser add-on that prevents your browser from accessing any site in the Google domain. I’ll write one and post it for free if there’s interest.

UPDATE: The Retired Geezer points out that I failed to provide alternatives to Google. My mistake. Here are some other search engines:

Happy surfing.