St. Rita

St. Rita’s parents picked a husband for her when she as 15. It wasn’t a good choice, though. He beat her, gambled away their money, and carried on open affairs with other women. They had two children. Rita had wanted to enter the convent until her parents told her to marry this man. Her sons, despite Rita’s Christian teachings, followed the ways of their father.

Rita’s husband was mortally stabbed. He converted on his death bed, as did her two wayward sons who died shortly thereafter. After 18 years of marriage and family, finding herself alone, Rita entered an Augustinian convent where she lived out her life. There, she became stigmatic, bearing the wounds of Christ' crown of thorns. She withered, dying in her 60s, faithful, loving, charitable, peaceful throughout all of this pain.

The church records many miracles and favors granted through her intercession. With confidence, I prayed to her. Now, I think her for loving answer. Please say a prayer of thanksgiving to our Lord and to St. Rita.