Terri Schiavo Asked to Live

FoxNews just played audio of the David Gibbs’s phone call to Judge Greer in which Gibbs read the affidavit of the woman who soliticited a plea for life from Terri Schiavo on the day her feeding tube was removed.

The affidavit is stunning. There were numerous witnesses who heard Terri say “Aaah” and then yell “Waahn.” Among the witnesses was a female police officer.

Why in the name of God are just hearing about this now? UPDATE: Turns out the story of Terri’s plea for life has been out for a week. This wasn’t just invented this evening. Whey the judge heard it only tonight is a mystery, but this story is several days old. Here’s another link. See the whole story on BlogsForTerri.

Judge Greer actually sounded impressed by what he heard. Gibbs asked that Terri be given an IV through the weekend, allowing the family to present the full testimony of the 5 witnesses on Monday. Judge Greer said he would rule as quickly as possible, but it might be Noon tomorrow (Saturday, March 26) before he could issue an order.

If he’s going to approve the IV, he needs to do so now. Noon tomorrow could be too late.

If it be God’s will, let it be so.

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Do Not Feed the Dying Woman

Numerous children have been arrested today attempting to bring water to Terri Schiavo to save her life. ](https://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/050325/480/cho10603251929)

An LPN, Trudy Capone, is on Greta’s show on FoxNews. She has confirmed that Terri Schiavo was not comatose or unconscious. Trudy cared for Terri for more than a year at two separate nursing homes. Additionally, Ms. Capone corroborated other nurses who have testified that Michael Schiavo specifically told them that he and Terri “never talked about” Terri’s wishes regarding artificial life support. “I don’t know what to do,” he’d tell Trudy. “I wish I knew what she’d want. We just never talked about it.”

I have now heard three former Schiavo nurses report similar conversations with Michael Schiavo.

UPDATE: LaShawn Barber has more on the latest filing with Judge Greer

Ipse dixit points to MIT study showing that the parts of Terri' s brain indisputedly still functioning could be responsible for higher level functioning. Since this information contradicts conventional medical wisdom, this may explain why nurses see Terri “functioning” while doctors claim it’s impossible. Again, it may not be the nurses' and family’s emotions overriding their senses, but the doctors' education preventing them from seeing what’s really happening.

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UPDATE: BlogsForTerri posted the affidavit of the woman who heard Terri ask to live.

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