No Child Left Behind Unconstitutional

One chapter of the report says that the Constitution does not delegate powers to educate the nation’s citizens to the federal government, thereby leaving education under state control. The report contends that No Child Left Behind has greatly expanded federal powers to a degree that is unconstitutional.. (New York Times via Michelle Malkin)

Oh, if only we stilled lived in a Constitutional democracy. Bet you won’t hear much about that chapter in tomorrow’s evening news. You will hear only that it’s a waste of money–as has been every federal education program, save for direct benefits to college students.

UDATE: Dr. Stat informs us of a two-year drive to expose the NCLB’s anti-Consititutional roots. Here’s a part of his letter:

First, the law is unconstitutional. Our constitution clearly forbids the Federal Government from engaging in activities which are not specifically prescribed for it, and education is notably absent from the list. Education is the responsibility of the states, to be discharged in a manner they individually see fit. The Federal Government has been violating this provision under the guise of various excuses for many decades.

Read the whole letter here.