Martyrdom in Canada

Now that Canada has made homosexual “marriage” the law of the land, it won’t be long before Catholic priests are imprisoned for refusing to preside over such blasphemy. Though Canadian Liberals assure us that the law applies specifically to “civil” marriages, there is no protection against civil suits against priests who refuse to conduct homosexual marriage ceremonies. And we all know how much liberals enjoy suing.

The good news is that the situation may provide an opportunity for Canadian martyrs, of which there are few. The bad news, besides the fact that America’s closest neighbor has made a sin of itself, the priest shortage will get even worse for the Canadians. As American drive north to buy drugs at subsidized prices, Canadian Catholics will flood south to receive Holy Communion or exchange Matrimony. (Each, by the way, will be a pilgrimage for his religion.)

I pity the good Canadian minority who must live with this travesty. While the damage will be nearly impossible to undo, I pray for some miracle to reverse what must be an enormous embarrassment to the country.