Big Words From Little Men

MSNBC - Reid threatens partial Senate shutdown

“If Republicans want to go down this road, they are going to be beginning a huge, partisan, cataclysmic event, the implications of which are so profound that none of us really know the answer to it,” said Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., one of the Democrats arrayed behind Reid on the Capitol steps. “It would mean the government could not function, which, more importantly, means we could not be doing the people’s work.”

The Democrats are basically threatening to blow up the world, eat dead babies, and marry their sisters if the Republicans change the rules of the Senate. (Well, they’ll probably marry their sisters one way or the other.)

Steven Taylor and others have already documented the absurdity of the Democrat position so thoroughly as to render any additional comment redundent.

So why, if their position is absurd, do they pursuit?

Because most Americans–I’d say sixty percent–have absolutely no understanding of history, justice, freedom, or government. To these ignorant masses, rhetoric is king. They believe whatever they want to believe. They based the concepts of right and wrong exclusively on personal sentiment. If they feel like killing, they should be allowed to kill. If executing a 17-year-old multi-murderer hurts their feelings, no state should be allowed to execute same. If the sky turns cloudy at their Memorial Day picnic, it’s their neighbor’s fault; he should be forced to pay.

Reid, Baucus, and the rest are gambling that their rhetoric will influence enough friendly morons to demand action. Who knows what action that might be–one can assume from Senator Baucus’s words that they will attempt to incite violence.

Go for it, dudes.

The Supreme Court has, in the past year and a half, tossed aside any pretence of respect for the rule of law or democratic processes. Five members, sometimes six, lead the pack of the ignorant I refer to. They dictate law to the people based purely on their private convictions. They know that their convictions will fail in the arena of public debate, so they usurp anti-Constitutional power.

The GOP Senate is trying to right a cataclysmic wrong–a moral and historical wrong perpetrated or pardoned by every American man and woman who has cast a single Democrat vote in the past 50 years. And today it was the head of this criminal cartel accusing the GOP of wrongdoing.


Before Senator Reid, et al, shuts down the Senate, he should talk to Newt Gingrich. The same people who wish to be ruled by whims and fancies prefer faceless enemies, like Congress, to likable human being, like Bill Clinton and George Bush. When 37 men go to war with the President while American soldiers fight and die in far off lands, those 37 men better brace themselves for a counter attack that will shake the foundations of the their lives.