More on the United Nations

Michelle Malkin has a nice roundup of blogs and MSM stories on the UN sex scandal. Thanks much, Michelle, for the plug.

Some stories hit me harder than others, and I’ve been anti-UN for about 20 years. I thought I’d post a few lines that wrote in my 1993 book, The Conservative Manifesto:

Since there is little evidence to defend the United Nations as anything but a hindrance to the cause of democracy and the advance of American foreign policy, we will withdraw from the United Nations and expel it from our borders.

There are some things in that little book what I wish, now, I either hadn’t written or had written more evenhandedly. My view of the UN, though, has not changed. If anything, it’s hardened. In the twelve years since I penned that quote, the United Nations has only given us on the right more reason to sue for its demise.