Frankengate II **UPDATED**

Since I last blogged about the curious financial dealings (stealing from the poor to line the pockets of rich liberals), Err America has released two mutually exclusive denials of criminal wrong-doing (guilty as charged). (See Macho Nachos)

Michelle Malkin has done a great job on this story, finding the loopholes in Franken’s loopholes.

Those of us who always assume the worst motives of limosine liberals are alway right. There’s a satisfying justice in that, like when we learned that Barbara Streisand believes people like her are exempt from the need to protect the environment, or when the Dave Matthews Band illegally dumps human feces all over boaters in Chicago.

This Babs story is too good to pass up:

Streisand urged everyone to conserve energy by hanging laundry outside on lines, rather than use electric clothes dryers. But when asked if Streisand herself was using a backyard clothesline, her spokesman said: “She never meant that it necessarily applied to her."(SOURCE)

Brian Maloney has the most comprehensive take-down of Air America one could imagine. Read it now, and read the 10 questions he poses (never to be answered outside a Grand Jury hearing) to Air America. The 11th question is the crux of the case:

  1. Are your hosts welcome to discuss this matter on the air, or have they been asked not to, by management or the company’s legal department? Have any addressed it so far?

The answer is obvious: They are not, under the advice of attorneys.

Al Franken is a lying child-starver. Sue me. They can’t sue me, because doing so would require acknowledging the scandal, which they’re just not doing on Al Franken’s sickening blog.

UPDATE Someone challenged me to cite a source other than a blog or a news service they don’t like. I am copying my comment response to the main body for our visitors from Air America who may not read the comments.


Ye of little faith. If the Bronx News doesn’t exist, does the New York Daily News? (It must since Ray Barone writes for it.)

If you are interested in the truth, which I’m pretty certain you are not, are some pertinent excerpts from the Daily News story:

The nonprofit Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club and its affiliate Pathways for Youth found their city contracts, running into the millions of dollars, abruptly ended last month by the city Department of Investigation. . . .

In its initial announcement, the DOI said it was probing allegations that program officials “approved significant inappropriate transactions and falsified documents that were submitted to various city agencies.”

According to published reports, the allegations involve Charles Rosen, the founder of Gloria Wise who has stepped down as executive director, investing city contract funds in Air America Radio, the liberal talk radio network.

Evan Cohen, Air America’s former chairman, had served as Gloria Wise’s director of development.

Perhaps you’ll believe when you see the documents on CBS News?

So much for the “vast, right-wing conspiracy” defense.


Terrific editorial on this case in the Washington Times. For commenters who believe that it’s not true unless the NYTimes and Dan Rather say so, the Times offers the obvious:

Most of the mainstream newspapers have ignored this story. We only found out about it through the reporting of Brian Maloney, who pieced a story together on his blog “The Radio Equalizer” which was picked up by syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin. The New York Daily News buried an item at the end of a column of news briefs. There was nothing in the New York Times, which has heaped flattering coverage on the flailing network. Air America is struggling to find listeners, leaders and reliable funding. But should it take money from children and the ailing elderly? Al Franken and Randi Rhodes, ever the defenders of the “little guy,” should explain this one.