Thought Police Patrolling College

Le Moyne College has expelled a grad student for writing a paper (which recieved a grade of A) that advocates stricter discipline in schools. According to the dismissal letter, Le Moyne beleives that all students must strictly adhere to the administration’s philosophy of education. There is no room at Le Moyne for individual thinking, according to Cathy Leogrande, who signed the letter:

Leogrande wrote, “I have grave concerns regarding the mismatch between your personal beliefs regarding teaching and learning and the Le Moyne College program goals. Based on this data, I do not believe that you should continue in the Le Moyne [Master of Science for Teachers] Program.”

I hereby invite the administration of Le Moyne College in New York to move to Cuba, North Korea, or some other communist dictatorship where the views of authority cannot be challenged.

Hat tip to Stanley Kurtz.