McCain-Feingold Outlaws Blogging?

According to Michelle Malkin, FEC Commisioner Bradley Smith is preparing to cave into the two senators whose names appear on the law, and Democrats in general who want to outlaw political activity on the internet.

It’s time to grab our pitchforks, peasants. I, for one, will fight this to the death. Let’s start, though, with the law. Perhaps we need to form a Bloggers Defense Fund. I am willing to provide the hosting. If you would like to help, please the the Contact link at the top of the page, or comment on this message.

UPDATE: Joe Gandelman has more. He points out the slippery slope problem:

Once the FEC starts clamping down on some aspects of weblogs, where does it end? And will any clampdown be applied fairly — to blogs on the left, right…even center? Or will new clampdowns spark charges of the issue becoming a political football — a new source of controversy?

Professor Bainbridge defends FEC Chairman Smith and provides some background on McCain’s dirtry tricks.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin is doing a great job staying on top of this thing, and she links us to MyDD, a blog from the other side of the aisle, but uniting with the right on this matter.

UPDATE: Here’s an RSS newsfeed to keep up to date on this afront to freedom. CORRECTED LINK

UPDATE: The Captain’s Quarters is aglow with McCain-Feingold and more links to liberal blogs that detest the un-American law.

**UPDATE: **My letter to Senator McCain

UPDATE: Dean Esmay breaks his silence. Blogs For Bush comments