Dennis Rader

The BTK killer’s name is Dennis Rader. He is the poison that grows on the bottom of a cesspool. He is the stuff that Hell considers too vile to abide. He is sin incarnate.

A brave, good neighbor of his called him out two days after another neighbor died. She was a good woman dying of cancer with a little dog. She would let the dog out to go potty, and Dennis Rader, Animal Control Officer, would give her a citation. He knew full well that she was too sick to go outside with the dog.

Dennis Rader wanted authority. He wanted power. The proper functioning of society prevented him from acquiring real power, so he seized the perverted, hateful, vengeful power he could. He used his pseudo-cop badge to bully women in his neighborhood, reporting uncut lawns to a neighborhood association resulting in $300 fines to the resident. He tried his level to best to make the aforementioned cancer patient’s final days a living hell.

If anyone knows how to contact inmate in Kansas’s penal system, I’d like to know. I want to make sure that every lifer knows the depths of this man’s evil. I want them to know the way he raped and hanged a little girl from the rafters of her basement after murdering her brother, mother, and father, leaving the horrid scene for the little girl’s 19-year-old brother to find. They may use the information as they deem fit, but every inmate in the Kansas penal system deserves to know the details of their new neighbor.