World Magazine: Blogstorm (Corrected Links)

World Magazine visits the McCain-Feingold vs. Blogs story and quotes . . . me?

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Still, many conservatives are setting aside their dislike of liberal inconsistencies in hopes of allying against potential regulation. “Currently, the limits would hurt conservatives more than it would hurt liberals,” said conservative blogger Bill Hennessy, noting that more conservative blogs exist. “Ultimately, though, the pain is already even; stifling political speech hurts everyone.” Mr. Hennessy told WORLD that his hope lies not with the FEC leaving the internet alone but with an eventual Supreme Court ruling “that the First Amendment trumps McCain-Feingold.”

Having my name appear in the same article as Michelle Malkin’s and Ed Morrissey’s is an honor.

If you think blogs should be protected under the First Amendment to the US Constitution, please sign this online petition.

In a related story, Joe Gandelman examines the influence and popularity of blogs on Dean’s World.