Syria and Iran

From the AP:

“In view of the special conditions faced by Syria, Iran will transfer its experience, especially concerning sanctions, to Syria,” Mohammad Reza Aref, Iran’s first vice president, was quoted as saying after meeting Syrian Prime Minister Mohammad Naji Otari.

How surprising. Iraq’s neighbors joining forces to oppose the US, though they don’t mention us by name. It makes me wonder what their relationhip has been up until now.

We know that Iran’s mullahs are more fundamentalist than Syria’s secular Baathists, but I can’t imagine that the destruction of the United States hasn’t been a shared goal for years.

Most like, this means Iran is very close to deploying nukes, and Syria will be under that umbrella. That’s a problem that should be dealt with immediately, by destroying Iran’s capacity to produce nuclear material, if we know where that capacity resides, or by destablizing the government, if we don’t.

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Maybe Jeff Quniton’s onto Iran’s reason for the mutual defense pact.