Last Word on Terri Schiavo?

Judge Greer having denied Governor Jeb Bush’s petition to make Terri Schiavo a ward of the state, the Schindlers seem to be out of legal and political options.

Terri’s life is in God’s hands. In truth, it always has been.

Those who have fought valiently to save Ms. Schiavo must take pride in having fought a good fight. Whatever Michael Schiavo’s motives may have been, and whatever the motives of those who took his side, we are best to assume their intentions noble absent evidence to the contrary. (Many on the left, I suspect, want her to die only to deprive their political enemies, particularly the faithful, a victory.)

Likewise, I hope those who disagree with us will attribute high motives to our fight. (Even still, there are those among us who may have only wanted to advance a personal agendum.)

In the end, Terri Schiavo will live on in her true home. As I said two nights ago, this world has plenty of unfinished work to keep us occupied. If God’s will drove Brian Nichols to Ashley Smith’s apartment, we must trust that He will do right by Terri Schiavo.

Beth expresses some thought provoking ideas, if more secular than my own. It’s too bad the judge has banned the recording of the details of Terri’s final days. In these matters, it’s best not have any witnesses.

Hugh Hewitt looks at the dissent in the 11th circuit which articulates the purpose of injunctive relief.