Seattle High School Anti-Military Day

A fine Marine has written a letter complaining of his treatment at a Seattle High School “Hate the US Military Day.” (That’s not what they called it, but that’s what it was. Michelle Malkin links to the letter on SoundPoliticswhich includes e-mail addresses of this un-American school board. Please read the letter. The addresses are right here.

Superintendent (206)252-0100 Raj Manhas 32-150
Communications Director (206)252-0200 PeterDaniels 32-170
School Board MemberDistrict 1 (206)252-0052 SallySoriano 11-010
School Board MemberDistrict 2 (206)252-0031 DarleneFlynn 11-010
School Board MemberDistrict 3 (206)729-3202 BritaButler-Wall 11-010
School Board MemberDistrict 4 (206)297-4533 Dick Lilly 11-010
School Board MemberDistrict 5 (206)720-3303 Mary Bass 11-010
School Board Member District 6 (206)933-5338 IreneStewart 11-010
School Board MemberDistrict 7 (206)760-4747 JanKumasaka 11-010
West Seattle High School Principal (206) 252-8800 Susan Derse 31-671

UPDATE: Here’s my first e-mail these folks:

I have read with interest the story of the sickening, un-American, anti-troop demonstration one of your high schools recently perpetrated. When I learned today that US Marine was invited to this affair in order to be ridiculed and lied about by brainless teachers and idiot students, I had to act. I demand an apology to service members of every branch and every war from each member of the school board and each faculty member of West Seattle High School. I will post that apology, with signatures, on my web site. Until I receive that apology, I will encourage each of my 4,000 readers to send each of you a daily e-mail demanding same.

UPDATE: March 22 e-mail to the school board and West Seattle High School’s principal:


I continue to hear from military veterans who are sickened by your political ambush the US Marine Major last week. I hope you are hearing from them, as well.

I hope you will take this opportunity to denounce the travesty that occured in your schools last week so that we who have worn this great nation’s uniform can move on.


William T. Hennessy

Please read the comments. The US Marine Corps isn’t happy.