Boston Public Schools: Too Far Gone?

**WARNING: This post contains graphic descriptions of homosexual sex acts. **

Last week, Michelle Malkin and Captain Ed jumped all over Senator Rick Santorum for his 2002 editorial about the moral depravity of Boston, Massachusetts. At the risk of accusations of laying it on, I have concluded that Michelle and Ed were miles far off base in their knee-jerk defenses of Boston.

For at least two years, the Massachusetts Department of Education held a “Teach Out.” Here is a description from the Massachusetts News:

On March 25, a statewide conference, called “Teach-Out,” was sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Education, the Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, and the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

Among the goals were to build more Gay/Straight Alliances in Massachusetts and expand homosexual teaching into the lower grades. Scores of gay-friendly teachers and administrators attended. They received state “professional development credits.”

What did the teachers learn and pass on to their 12-year-old students?

“Fisting [forcing one’s entire hand into another person’s rectum or vagina] often gets a bad rap….[It’s] an experience of letting somebody into your body that you want to be that close and intimate with…[and] to put you into an exploratory mode.”

Sick yet? Furious? There’s more:

In one well-attended workshop, “What They Didn’t Tell You About Queer Sex & Sexuality In Health Class: A Workshop For Youth Only, Ages 14-21,” the three homosexual presenters acting in their professional capacities coaxed about 20 children into talking openly and graphically about homosexual sex. The three presenters, who described themselves as homosexual, were:

Margot E. Abels, Coordinator, HIV/AIDS Program, Massachusetts Dept. of Education Julie Netherland, Coordinator, HIV/AIDS Program, Massachusetts Dept. of Education Michael Gaucher, Consultant, HIV/AIDS Program, Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health The workshop syllabus included: “What’s it like to be young, queer and beginning to date? “Are lesbians at risk for HIV? “We will address the information you want about queer sexuality and some of the politics that prevent us from getting our needs met.”

And how about direct interaction with students? This exchange is worth considering criminal charges against the state employee:

The Department of Public Health employee, Michael Gaucher, had the following exchange with one student, who appeared to be about 16 years old:

Michael Gaucher: “What orifices are we talking about?” Student: [hesitation] Michael Gaucher: “Don’t be shy, honey; you can do it.” Student: “Your mouth.” Michael Gaucher: “Okay.” Student: “Your ass.” Michael Gaucher: “There you go.” Student: “Your pussy. That kind of place.”

But since sex occurred “when an orifice was filled,” the next question was how lesbians could “have sex.” Margot Abels discussed whether a dildo had to be involved; when it was too big or too small; and what homosexual resources students could consult to get similar questions answered.

Michael Gaucher was even more explicit when teaching boys how to perform oral sex on other boys:

Michael Gaucher read the following from a card: “Cum and calories: Spit versus swallow and the health concerns.” Gaucher informed the children that although he didn’t know the calorie count of male ejaculation, he has “heard that it’s sweeter if people eat celery.” He then asked the boys, “Is it rude not to swallow?”

Here is a link to the official list of courses offered by the State of Massachusetts for your 12-18 year olds.

You can read the entire story here. It’s time to move on to the way the Bay State and its citizens responded.

First, the only reason we know these stories is because two people carried tape recorders (secretly) into the proceedings. These folks also obtained the printed material that will link to below. In the second annual attempt to convert straight kids into gays, everyone was patted down and threatened with criminal charges for conveying any of the proceeding outside of the seminar. Again, evil loves darkness.

Some parents, of course, were outraged by the story. But the State responded by attacking the parents. A judge barred the state Senate from even discussing the event or to discuss cutting funding for the travesty:

Even though Attys. Alan Dershowitz, Harvey Silverglate and many other lawyers denounced the court’s attempt to muzzle the legislature, neither the Boston Globe nor the Boston Herald reported anything about the unusual and historic, unconstitutional event.

The Globe reported on Tuesday that, “The state Senate yesterday rebuffed an effort to slash funding for gay and lesbian teen suicide programs…" It said the action came on the first day of debate on the Senate’s debate on the budget. But it did not report that the Senate had been unconstitutionally gagged by a state judge from debating the subject.

The radio reporter who broke the story, Jeanine Graf, was fired for her part in exposing Fistgate. The Boston Globe did an expose on her background, accusing her of “being a Christian.” In Boston, Christianity is apparently grounds for termination.

And still there’s more. Tom Duggan reported that one of the lectures at the second Fistgate was about how to fight religion in schools, as if there is any.

Duggan writes:

A workshop about “The Religious Wrong” was conducted by gay activist Leif Mitchell at “Fistgate,” where state teachers taught graphic sex to teenagers and teachers from across Massachusetts.

Mitchell is the Community Educator/Trainer for Planned Parenthood of Connecticut. The program guide stated: “This workshop will explore ways to counteract the messages used by the Wrong. Participants will learn exactly what the Wrong is saying about ‘us’ (and who that includes) as well as develop strategies to tackle opposition…”

According to one veteran teacher who attended this conference:

“We were told to discuss our experiences and strategies on how to deal with religious opposition to gay activists in our communities. It didn’t sound like tolerance to me. This sounded more like hate speech. If I had spoken of any of the things that they directed at traditional religion, only said them about homosexuals instead, I would be called a hate monger and a homophobe. But when God-fearing people are labeled and attacked, it is not only tolerated, our government sanctions it.”

A decent state would have taken its licks and fixed the problem. Instead, the evil people of Massachusetts have increased the amount of pro-homosexual education in their public schools. Completely devoid of shame, these cretins continue to drive their young people to mortal sin, as if they get Green Stamps from Satan for each soul they destroy.

Here’s one page on the state’s DOE website devoted to homosexual promotion and teaching. Among the official documents that the state wants its teachers to give to students is this pamphlet.

If this is what the Blue States are all about, please let’s be rid of them. They can only hurt the rest of the world.

Sorry, Michelle and Ed. I’m sure you didn’t know how far gone the Bay State is, but it isn’t worth your time to defend. The people of Massachusetts deserve whatever smears, slurs, and attacks that come their way until they clean up the moral cesspool they have created.*When they clean up their act, I will give them due credit. Until then, may God have mercy on their souls. I will continue to pray for their conversions.