Latest Terri Roundup

For the best late news and commentary, see Michelle Malkin’s early morning update. Please follow the links. Perhaps you don’t want the feds involved because you, like I, support federalism. In this case, a state judge has ordered health care workers to murder an innocent woman. Hiding behind political ideology, in this case, won’t keep you from being as complicit in murder as the good Germans living a mile from a death camp who said nothing, did nothing, saw nothing, heard nothing. From time to time, though, I’m sure they wondered what that nasty smell was.

Michelle quotes John Q. Wilson remarking on the murder in the Netherlands while “good people” do nothing. Doctors killing people who requested not to be killed. (The selfishness of these invalids!) And she points out that the Instapundit has no opinion on this matter. (I was with Glenn not long ago. I was afraid, actually, to state my mind. Then I decided to overcome my ignorance of Terri’s condition and realized that keeping quiet was tantamount to watching a murder and doing nothing.) I pray that Glenn opens his eyes and casts off his ignorance.

Michelle points out that Florida law regarding persistent vegatative state is explicit and not applicable in this case: