Vaccines Run Amok

About a year ago, I fired off a letter writing campaign to Missouri legistors urging them to fight a movement, sponsored by then-governor Bob Holden, to require Chick Pox vaccines for all Missouri children entering school. Michelle Malkin points out that Ohio has passed such a law with a link to the chicken pox vaccine money trail. (There’s always a money trail.)

Mandatory chicken pox vaccines will kill people. According to Dr. Arthur Lavin, a pediatrician in Ohio:

Routine chicken pox vaccination in healthy children might pose a “grave danger of advancing the age of onset of chicken pox into adulthood.” After bemoaning adults' poor compliance with vaccine recommendations, e.g., influenzae vaccine, Dr. Lavin asks, “What makes the proponents of universal varicella immunization believe that adults who may be susceptible to varicella as a result of their efforts would protect themselves with a booster dose (of chicken pox vaccine)?”

Yet the do-gooder moonbats continue to demand legislating this death penalty, just as they increasingly hope to regulate dietary fat and salt intake.

It absolutely amazes me that murdering unborn children is protected as an unalienable right to do with one’s own body as one sees fit, but smoking tobacco or pot, drinking, tattooing and piercing, and eating french fries somehow falls under the “compelling interest” of the state. The mind that can reconcile these disparate positions is a very dangerous mind.