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Book Review: The Pentagon's New Map, by Thomas P. M. Barnett

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Oh, Canada!

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Debate II: What to make of it

ABC News Director Tells Staff To Favor Kerry in Reporting

Turning on the Darkness

VP Debate:

VP Debate

It's Kerry's Race to Lose

Christopher Hitchens: No one says it better

In Case Europeans Happen By

NYTimes Looking for Hope

A Better Skin

Kerry's First Defeat: 1972

How Stupid Are Liberals?

Idle Threat?

Kerry Operative Pressured Burkett for Memos

Buy Beer for Soldiers--Not Andrew Sullivan

24% of Democrats Are Ashamed of What They Do

John Kerry Knows Iraq Better Than Iraqis?

Rules of War

Read Something Beautiful

Some Sanctions Work

CBS News Ties to Kerry Campaign

George W Bush Never Drilled in Alabama

Kerry Endorses Saddam

CBS: Unanswered Questions

Burkett Tightening Rather's Noose

The Crying Girl Who Lost Her Sign


Self-serving, Pompous, Smug Bastards!!!!!!!

Dan Rather and the Mea Culpa

even if it isn't me

The Sugar Coat Memo is a Fraud

Dan Rather Changed My Mind

Dan Rather Suicide Watch: Day 1

The Voice of a Voter

CBS Fraud Update

The Democrats' Watergate

National Guard Document Fraud Will Decide Election

Rather Evades Points of Dispute

Dan Rather Source of Documents?

CBS vs. The Press

Former Navy Personnel Officer Explains Why The "Sugar Coat" Memo is Likely a Fraud

CBS and Dems: Unmitigated Bullshit

CBS and Dems Part 2: Forged, Phoney Documents?

Carter Call Zell Miller Disloyal

Reward Offered for 1,000th Killed American (satire)

More Bush Flight Records Found

Kerry Threatens President's Life

The Most Beautiful Writer in America

Cheers for Putin

A Muslim Looks at his Religion

Disgruntled Democrats

1,000 US Deaths in Perspective

2-Point Bush Bounce

Tell Me Big Media Aren't Biased

I'm Back!!!!!!!

More Kerry's Campaign Shuffle

Something is Moving

West Wins Olympics!

Something is Moving, Part 2

Quit Log, if anyone cares

John McCain Scores Points with Doubters

John Edwards is an Empty Suit

Lefties Attack Chris Matthews

Amazon Attacks SwiftVets Book

Gore Turmoil vs. Kerry Turmoil

Arnold II

Gotta Love Spin


Anti-Bush Protesters Abusive, Confrontational


Ron Silver: Last Words

Smoking Linked to Sexual Frustration

Morning in America II: The Bush Era

Breaking News

Tsunami Could Destroy New York in 8-10 Hours

Hate in Their Hearts; Death on Their Lips

French Hostages: How Does It Feel?

"I'm the guy makin' history."

Site Down

One Month Anniversary

Kerry's Silver Star Mystery

Clintons Avoid Decency Label


Confirmed: At Least One of Kerry's Purple Hearts a Fraud

Are All Scientists Stupid?

Dave Matthews Band: Shut the **** Up

Where the Hell are the Terrorists?

One Last Thought: Olympics Spectators Terrorists?

What Liberals Shriek

More Veterans Against Kerry

Max Cleland: Backstabbing S.O.B.

Kerry On Iraq

Kerry is a Traitor to Veterans

My Thought for the Day

Kerry Hiding More than just his Military Records

Kerry's Vietnam Strategy Defies Logic

Break the Oil Monster's Back

Democrats Risk Going Too Far on SwiftVets

Firefighters Make Lots of Money in St. Louis

Swift Boat Veterans Score Big Points for Kerry

Gymnasts and Elections

US Service Members Safer in Iraq

Ted Rall Has No Reason To Live

Weeks later...

Where Does Site Design Go Wrong?

St. Louis Blues: I can't be a fan

Busch Stadium

Liberals Help Terrorists--Directly and Undeniably

Jobs Favor Kerry

Kerry Promises More "Sensitive" War on Terror

Times Admits Administration Terror Warning is Serious

Terror Alert Doubters are Un-American

Congratulations, Missouri Democrats

Bob Holden's Era A Short One

Specific Threats: Financials

Kerry Must Want to Be Usama's Buddy

Kerry Wants America to Surrender

Howard Dean: As Stupid as Ever

Quit Log: Day Six

Kerry Attacks Bush Slogan

Microsoft and Big Labor


What's Up in Iraq?

From a proud "Mom"

The End Too Soon

Nailed It

Buzz Kill

Opening Night a Success

Prayer Before Play

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Kerry Too Busy to Get Terror Briefing

Kerry-Edwards Big Advantage? Hair

Ruthless People

Great Rehearsal

That's It!

Character & Scene

Ridge: Al Qaeda Will Attempt To Disrupt Elections

CounterPunch, and Those Who Believe It

Major Media Hide Good Unemployment News

Anna Quindlen Worries Republicans are Too Masculine

Conspiracy Theory Run Amock at TNR

The last "normal" rehearsal

I miss my wife

Weather and Home Improvement

Global Warming Caused by the Sun

Sudan: It's Not a Famine, Damnit!

What Sick Bastards Support Kerry?

UN Oil For Food Scandal (reposted)

What to Make of the Jobs Report

Cosby Keeps It Up

Al Qaeda Threatens Europe

Hear Nixon, Kissinger, Colson Discuss John Kerry--1971

UN Oil for Food Scandal Tidbits

WMD Smoking Guns

What Buckley Has Done

The Seething Hatred of Maureen Dowd

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Saddam Declares: "Real Criminal is Bush"

Over 10,000 Iraqi Deaths

Hillary Loses Her Advance (Scrappleface)

9/11 Commission finds Iraq-Al Qaeda Link

Garry Wills on Abortion and the Catholic Church

Something Big?

Hillary Promises Dems Will Take What's Yours

Gasoline & Traffic Signals

Iraq is a Nation Again

US Restores Full Diplomatic Ties to Libya

A Blow to the Drug War?

Goldberg Assails Moore

Breaking News: Al-Zarqawi Captured?

The Veep Has Spine

Reagan's Farewell

Hitchens Hitches Hopes on Moore

Attacking Atkins

Father's Day

Dems Pay Felons for Votes

Dems Pay Felons for Votes

Attacking Atkins

Hitchens Reviews 9/11

Father's Day

Killing the Enemy

We Needed That

Son of Blogger

People Love My Wife

War on America

Bush, and we, can learn from Reagan

Nick Berg's Dad's a Commie--go figure

Perhaps Modern Liberalism is Evil by Nature

Ronald Reagan: RIP


Writing Doomed?

Social Services Snobs, Part II

Social Services Snobs

Don't Take a Breath

The Room

The Dean Blog

Off From New Hampshire

Losing It

The Corner Neocon Debate

CNN/Time Poll

Life for Iraqis Better by the Second

Deconstructing Kerry, Part I

Decontructing Kerry, Part II


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NEA: Leave the Kids Behind

Dr. Dean Insider Trader?

WP on Dean Revisited

Sperm Counts Off by 1/3

Dean and Yankee Power

Monday Morning QB

Christian Dean

Christian Dean (con't)

Dean Hypocrite on Security (and so many other things)

Dean House Party Flops

Kennedy and Durbin v. Democracy

Pope wants "New World Order"

Donations Wanted


Dr. Dean wants to "Education White Folks"

Excellent Analysis of Dean Tax Hikes

North Korea Allows US Inspectors

Will Deaniacs Vote?

Election Year Begins