CNN/Time Poll

For poll junkies, today’s CNN/Time poll is loaded with interesting tidbits: * Dean’s support is slipping, no doubt due to the doctor’s idiotic statements, Biblical errors, short temper, and whining * Several Democrats (Kerry, Clark, Lieberman, Gephardt) seem to be getting stronger, perhaps because they’re buying air time to compete with the hours of free time Dean has gotten since last June * Bush’s approvals keep going up:** 61% approve of his job in Iraq** 58% approve the president’s overal foreign policy** 54% approve the president’s handling of the economy * This graphic is the most revealing, though, on the Democrats:

Only 35% are certain to vote for the candidate they now favor. That means that Dean’s wide support is fairly shallow, as I suspected in a blog last week.

While Dean might well win Iowa and New Hampshire, solidifying some his support, there could be surprises. My hunch is that Dean’s support is the shallowest: a surprise by Gephardt and Kerry in Iowa could cause Dean to fall as quickly as he’s risen.

Keep watching.