Newsweek: Unfair, Imbalanced

It’s no surprise that the liberal MSM would smear John Ashcroft in his retirement as they’ve smeared him throughout his career. But Newsweek’s coverage of Ashcroft is over the top. Their lead story, Ashcroft’s legacy, is an interview with a single person, David Cole, who has a toolshedfull of axes to grind with the outgoing Attorney General.

While liberals always have and always will hate Ashcroft, make up stories about him, accuse him of everything from fascism to the Johnstown Flood, this treatment is beyond the pale. There is no pretense of balance, no sidebar with an Ashcroft supporter, not listing, however brief, of his accomplishments as the most powerful AG since the Civil War. Instead, Newsweek does DemocraticUnderground’s job.

I guess, in this case, the MSM has decided the losers will write the history while the winners are still busy running a country and a war.