Affirmative Action Queen of New York

America’s most cognitively challenged columnist, Maureen Dowd, wasted some good tree in Sunday’s New York Times spouting off about the the lack of Christian charity and forgiveness from the right.

“The Christian avengers and inquisitors, hearts hard as marble, are chasing poor 74-year-old Arlen Specter through the Capitol’s marble halls, determined to flagellate him and deny him his cherished goal of taking over the Senate Judiciary Committee,” Ms. Dowd writes.

Well, Ms. Dowd, as usual, didn’t bother to learn about her prejudice before writing about it with the certainty available only to the righteously ignorant.

The folks at the Corner on National Review Online led the campaign to stop Specter. While, some of the writers on that site are Christians–Kathryn Lopez, John Derbyshire–many are not. Jonah Goldberg is not. David Frum is not. But to the vapid Dowd, who owes her job to her genitalia and her genitalia alone, the facts are too inconvenient to deal with, or learning them is too much work.

Ms. Dowd rambles on this way for several hundred more words, all about how mean and nasty Conservatives are. Particularly, Christians.

I enjoin Ms. Dowd to read what the life-affirming liberals on Democratic Underground had to say about *** Cheney yesterday. I’d like her then to explain the Christian principle behind promoting a political rival to a position that would allow him to thwart one’s political agenda. If Specter’s age gives conservatives moral duty to promote him, then Ms. Dowd must condemn Clinton for failing to name Strom Thurmond to the Supreme Court. Doesn’t age come before ideology?

As I’ve written for many years, Ms. Dowd is an ignorant, mis-educated idiot given a prominent place in political discourse due to an accident of birth. Perhaps I shouldn’t get so upset when she affirms my prejudice.