Kerry's Vietnam Strategy Defies Logic

Rush Limbaugh started down this path on radio last week, but Christopher Hitches beautifully finishes the job in Slate, brought to my attention by Poliblog.

A logical person–a professor of philosophy, let’s say, or math–mush cringe trying to defend Kerry’s arguments that his service in Vietnam makes him more deserving of the office of the President of the United States than its current occupant. Here’s why:

Kerry and most Democrats consider the US to be the bad guys in Vietnam, and the US military the perpetrators of wrong for the advance of evil. As a commissioned officer of that military, John received medals in commendation of his unusual degree of service, aplomb, and achievement in advancing those evil causes. Today, Senator Kerry defends and brags about what he did, in the advance of evil, to earn those medals. Therefore, in the minds of Democrates, Kerry having done more evil more diligently than Bush, Kerry is the man for President.

Such brainlessness is why I could never be a Democrat.