Perhaps Modern Liberalism is Evil by Nature

I tried very hard to avoid this, but some of the hatred – the Nazi leadership, Muslim terrorist kind of hatred – spewing from the festering pie-holes of some on the left must be noted, denounced, and rejected.

Here’s a summary from National Review Online.

These are Howard Dean’s people at their expository best. Know them by their words and pray their words never turn into deeds. Here are some hightlights, if you can call them that:

“You just wish the worst on him that you can possibly wish,” admitted Ian Roberts. “I don’t want to wish death on anyone, but it seems with Reagan you really want to….”

Virginian Jared Hermann: “He deserves what he gets and more.

“We need to clap when he dies,” declared protester David Barrows

Professor William H. Depperman said of Reagan. “He is a slime; basically, a horrible, horrible person. People didn’t like him. They despised him.”

The last is my favorite. Professor William Depperman–my current leading example of why parents should think twice before sending their children to college–clearly lives in a small, nasty world bound on all sides by the paranoid and petty monsters of his own, hate-encrusted mind.