Burkett Tightening Rather's Noose

Professional Bush-hater and admitted liar, Bill Burkett, has hastened the departures of Dan Rather and John Kerry from the national scene.

On Saturday, Burkett says he provided “information” on Bush’s National Guard record to the Kerry campaign via former Sentator Max Cleland. While Burkett did not specify what that information was, it is clear that it included the forged memos that, eventually, found their way to CBS and Dan Rather.

This information volunteered by Burkett closes several loops even for Kerry supporters.

  1. Burkett, who has previously admitted to lying about George Bush out of personal hatred for the President, was the source of the memos

  2. The Kerry Campaign obtained the memos before CBS News did.

  3. Someone in the Kerry Campaign conspired with CBS News producers or Dan Rather to obtain a copy of the forgeries from Burkett.

  4. Burkett forwarded the documents to CBS from a Kinko’s in Texas to give the Kerry Campaign plausible deniability.

  5. Burkett destroyed that deniability by admitting that he has been working for the Kerry Campaign.

Expect this story to completely unravel this week. CBS now stands alone in defense of its actions. When the 5 points above are accepted as fact, Kerry will withdraw and Dan Rather will resign. Look for the Hillary Clinton to be the Democrat candidate after federal judges order the states to accept a substitute for Kerry.