Sudan: It's Not a Famine, Damnit!

Newsweek, via MSNBC, has a story about the “famine” in Sudan. What the f*ck? When Muslim extremists murder scores, burn villages, block food relief, burn crops, and lay waste to an entire country, it’s not A GODDAMN FAMINE! It’s murder, genocide, evil-incarnate. It’s a spineless, greedy, UN chief taking money under the table to keep his mouth shut, as he did with Saddam. It’s a horror and disgrace to a world that considers itself “civlized.”

The folks at National Review have been screaming about this for a year, and now Newsweek wants us to think bad weather’s causing a lot of people to die. Sure, they mention the government and Muslim militia, but they keep using the word “famine.”

Words mean things, at least for a particular time and place. Forced starvation is not famine. Murder is not famine. Let’s reserve the word “famine” for things man cannot control and let’s ask the Old Europe wussies who were afraid to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan to act they’ve got a pair and send some divisions to Sudan.

And then let’s withdraw from the UN.