The Conservative Creed

rom The Conservative Manifesto . . .

We believe that governments exist at the will of and to serve the governed.

We believe that a government’s only powers are those surrendered to it by those it governs, and that the governed may, at any time, reclaim their powers or deny the government of them.

We believe that the individual is free to do as he wishes within the rules set forth by the majority of his fellow citizens and their elected representatives.

We believe that individuals have the right to speak their minds on all political matters.

We believe that individuals have the right to life.

We believe that economic freedom is equal to all other freedoms and the beginning of individual liberty; that government shall not impede economic transactions; and that the power of economic decision resides exclusively with the individual.

We believe that individuals have the right to own personal property and to dispose of that property as they wish.

We believe that identifiable groups have no rights superior to those of the individual, that no group is exempt from the laws deemed right by the majority, and that government may not favor one group before another or before the individual.

We believe that rule of the majority is absolute in all political matters.

We believe that government should not prevent individuals from failing.

We believe that government should not prevent individuals from achieving.

We believe that government’s first responsibility is the protection of its citizens and their property, and that when the government fails to provide such protection, it is the right of the citizens to protect themselves.

We believe that policy decisions should be based on the principle of whether the policy will liberate or bind the individual.

We reject the principle of equality of outcome, but demand equality of opportunity.

We reject the notion of superior rights for certain individuals.

We reject the right of a government to increase its own power without the consent of the governed.

We reject the notion of a right to be free from offensive political speech.

We reject the principle of perfectibility of man but believe the individual pursuit of perfection paramount to a good society.

We reject the right of a minority faction to thwart the will or overthrow the government of the majority.

We resist surrendering individual power to the state.

A common language being crucial to achieving harmony, we reject the idea of government mandated multi-lingualism, but acknowledge the right of individuals to remain ignorant of English.

We acknowledge that education must be promoted and pursued; that government should be neutral toward religions; that individuals have different talents and will achieve according to those talents and the diligence with which they are applied if the individual is left alone; that individuals will fail from time to time despite attempts of governments to prevent it; that our achievements are possible only because of the works of generations which came before us; that we are morally responsible to preserve our freedoms for our posterity; that individuals are morally compelled to assist the advancement of society; that work is morally required of all those who benefit from the society; and that, from time to time, individuals must lend more of their power to the government in order that it may meet the needs of emergencies.

Finally, we believe that the course of history has bestowed upon us unparalleled opportunity and responsibility for the protection, nurturing, and advancement of Western Civilization.