Off From New Hampshire

I must admit that I paid no attention the New Hampshire primary until about 15 minutes ago.

For those of you who are like me, Kerry won by more than 10 points over Dean. Edwards and Clark tied for third. (Is this Clark any relation to Ramsey Clark? And if not, why not?)

Howard Dean’s post coital speech sounded a lot like a farewell, according to the snippets I read. He named a lot of people who work(ed) on his campaign, thanking them for their long hours, [insert all the stock phrases here]. I haven’t seen the poll numbers for the Primaries Formerly Known as Super Tuesday, but I bet Dean has, and I bet they suck for him.

I don’t have anything against Dean, except everything he stands for. Those who support him, and WHY they support him, make me puke. I can’t wait to see how quickly they form some embarrassingly impotent splinter party after he bows out.

And let’s start the death watch. Dean is intelligent enough to know that he doesn’t do himself any favors by looking like Lieberman (or Gore in 2000). Like his buddy Saddam Hussein, who, in Dean’s view, gave Iraqis a wonderful standard of living, Dean will surrender without a fight once he knows its over. His rabid, murder-frenzy, haven’t-bathed-in-weeks supporter idiots won’t get the blue-veiner throwdown at the DNC convention that they crave. He’ll declare himself President of Vermont and ask Kerry or whomever for some surrender terms. If only he would make his withdrawal speech from a spider hole, the allusion would be perfect.

Ah, well. On to the Primaries Formerly Known as Super Tuesday