Kofi Annan: Abject Failure

Kofi Annan’s tenure as UN Secretary-General ranks as one of the most massive failings in modern leadership. Two American presidents and hundreds of thousands of American troops filled the void left by Annan’s abrogation of responsibility. In case you’ve missed the headlines, Kofi Annan presided over the slaughter of nearly one million people in Rwanda, the enslavement and systematic murders of millions in Sudan, the rise to emminence of Islamic terrorists, Saddam Hussein’s theft of billions, and the orchestrated attempt to eliminate Israel.

While one might argue that the world is a dangerous place, and one man can do only so much, remember that Annan or his close associates have been implicated as willing participants in each of these atrocities. Kofi Annan is a world-class criminal who deserves a world-class trial and world-class execution on prime time television.

As Dan Rather will be remembered for Memogate, Annan’s mark on the world is milliions of unmarked, mass graves, starving orphans, and tortured Iraqis. Annan’s defenders, such as the idiots who run the New York Times, want us to praise this miserable criminal simply because he’s black and African and anti-American and, therefore, above reproach and above the law. My cheeks will crack when the UN building collapses upon the New York Times building.

Tigerhawk has this wonderful shredding of the NYT’s recent, hairbrained defense of Annan.

Ben Shapiro’s villification of Annan on Townhall is delightful.

Thanks to Instapundit. [ Instapundit’s OpinionJournal piece on Annan.

](https://opinionjournal.com/extra/?id=110005985)UPDATE: Instapundit points out a Canadian press piece.