NEA: Leave the Kids Behind

The National Education Association, perhaps America’s most active liberal political action committee, continues to decry the No Child Left Behind law. The NEA’s chief complaints seem to be * It costs too much money * It set the bar too high * Its timeline is too aggressive * It encourages teachers to teach children to pass tests

My questions to the NEA are * How much money would satisfy your insatiable greed? * What does the law require that students shouldn’t learn? * Which graduating class should be the first that your teachers teach properly? * What’s wrong with students passing tests?

The NEA does not concern itself with the quality of eduction in America, but exclusively with a) the quality of life of its members and employees, and b) the perpetual advance of left-wing causes. The sooner the NEA is weeded out of the garden of education, the sooner American students will achieve grades on a par with those in every other industrialized nation.