What The Election Portends

We know these things:

  • The American people have re-elected President Bush

  • The American people have given his party a stronger hand in the US Senate

  • The American people have given his party a stronger hand in the US House of Representatives

  • The American people have given his party a stronger hand in state governorships

Taken together, Election 2004 can be seen as nothing short of an endorsement of President Bush’s policies and the Republic view of our country and its place in the world. No other reading is possible.

Consider the viciousness of the anti-Bush crowd in this past two years. Flames fanned by the irresponsible and often idiotic pontifications of Howard Dean inspired hate-filled radicals to demonized President Bush as the second coming of Adolf Hitler, as worse than Saddam Hussein. The Dean crowd launched the Democrat campaign by siding with Usama bin Laden against America.

John Kerry, who properly chastised Dean’s excesses during the primaries, picked up the torch, however, once is nomination became apparent. In order to keep the Dean fringe energized, Kerry dusted off his anti-war rhetoric, continuing to demonize the President, cheering at every American death in Iraq, as if the terrorists and thugs who blow up school buses and hotels were Democrat operatives working for Kerry’s election. You could see the glee in Kerry’s face when the thousandth American died in combat.

Despite this and more, Bush prevailed. Now, the Democrats, the UN, terrorists, and the world will have to deal with the consequences.

Bush has a strong hand, and he should move swiftly to make permanent changes.

  • Declare that America will remain in Iraq until freedom reigns

  • Declare that America will go anywhere in pursuit of al Qaeda members

  • Withhold American payments to the United Nations until it accepts its responsibility to promote freedom by assisting in Iraq and by stopping the genocide in Sudan

  • Encourage Supreme Court members to retire after the 2004-2005 term if they plan to do so in the next four years

  • Demand that Congress cut total government expenditures for FY 2006 through FY 2009 by 10% per year

  • Privatize Social Security

With a probable 55-44-1 majority in the Senate, all these things are possible. Bush has won. Let’s implement the plan.