Tell Me Big Media Aren't Biased

Time and Newsweek polls released yesterday both show President Bush with an 11 point lead over challenger John Kerry. I know this because of I would never have known it looking at the major media websites.

CNN: Buried on politics page

MSNBC: Buried on politics page

Why do I single out these two? Because CNN and Time own a joint website, as do MSNBC and Newsweek. Basically, CNN and NBC refuse to report the results of their own polls because, like spoiled, petulant children, the polls don’t show what they want them to show.

The editors of these organizations are afraid that reporting Bush’s lead with as much fervor as they announced Kerry’s 2-point lead in July, Bush’s lead will harden. They don’t want this, though, as the men and women who run CNN and MSNBC are Democrats and liberals. They personally hate George Bush and despise the people who vote for him. And they are angry that there are so many of us.

The news of Bush’s lead, though, won’t be secret for long. The blogs will see to that.