From a proud "Mom"

Bill’s comments move me to tears. Not having been on the stage since childhood (“Smallest Princess”, The King and I), I cannot speak to that, but I can try to describe the width and breadth of my pride in having been in on the labor and birth of such an awesome production. I am, by nature, a major busy body. I love watching all the parts of a show come together– the sets building and painting, the designing and sewing, the planning and buying, the blocking and practicing…. It is such a rush to watch all these different components come together to create, yes–MAGIC!!!!

My experinece this time has been more involved, more intense than ever before. In the past, with costumes and sets, I had commitments to keep, assignments to complete, but never before have I felt that what I was doing would actually be noticed. This time NOT doing my job would SURELY be noticed! The planning, designig, ordering and buying had to be lead by someone. By an odd twist of fate–maybe I was just in his sightline–Mr. L asked if I could do that. Well, with 3 daughters, the one thing this lady loves to do is SHOP! So, my three little chicklets and I have had a blast shopping online, chekcing out theater stores, bodywear stores, specialty shops, Wal-mart, Walgreens….etc, etc, etc. (BTW–you would be SHOCKED at what comes up online when you put in “GLOW IN THE DARK”!!)
At any rate, I have had such a good time with the challenges (if I never have to paint with glow paint again, it will be too soon!), and felt the frustration (when the gloves flopped!), and I have welled up with pride when I see you all on stage, and the lights go up, and the audience gasps at the beauty of the spectacle of the WHOLE PACKAGE!! I have had great help and support from my crew, but it is the cast that trusts us to help them look good while they use the gifts that God has given them to pull off the illusion. I have had so much fun, made some true friends of the heart, and I am so proud to be part of this fabulous group.

I am so happy, but so sad to see tonight come. My girls are clamoring for me to be “Mama” again, but for these past weeks, I have had such an amazing time feeling like a 15 year old high schooler–but with perks! (I can swear freely, and hang out with the grown ups!)
Love to alll, and I wil never forget this summer. HEY–LET’S DO IT AGAIN!!!!
Carrie (Make-up Wench)