Hate in Their Hearts; Death on Their Lips

The most pro-violent, anti-American, anti-Western protests since the 1970s has begun in New York. The protesters are there to wish death to the President of the United States and all support or tolerate him. Yet protesters, whose web pages and speeches are filled with violent, murderous mayhem, won’t do the deed themselves. While talking a good game, these unemployed, over-educated, unbathed, nasty excuses for human beings are, in fact, cowards. They confront their enemies only in large numbers and with the protection of police, whom they claim to despise. But without the police there to keep them in line, they would not show up at all–for, then, they would have no excuse not to perpetrate the capital crime they promote.

I can read their screeds all over the web. Just the still-functioning Dean blog is sickening enough. My purpose is not to advertise their web sites, but to point out the probable impact of their disruptive presence in New York during the Grand Old Party’s grand old party this week.

CNN estimates that a quarter of a million anti-Bush protesters will be in the City this week. While many of them will be peace-loving liberals that the media want us to think of when we think liberal (picture Beavis and Butthead’s long-haired teacher), many will be the variety I described in paragraph one.

Don’t count on these dangerous, spineless types to get much media play, though. They won’t. The big press, as virulently anti-Bush as the most violent protesters, understands that images of people wouldn’t allow to walk your dog throwing rocks at the New York cops who pulled the dead and wounded from the Twin Towers wreckage won’t do much to help Kerry. In fact, those images will give Bush a bigger bounce than he expects.

Instead, the media will concentrate on the granola eating, Volvo-driving, recycling, suburban legends of liberalism. We’ll hear about prescription drugs from Canada, getting along with the French, and stopping overseas outsourcing of good, union jobs. Underneath all of this liberal pablum, though, will be the drumbeat of absolute intolerance for people like me. And without the 50,000 anarchists who want Bush and everyone like him dead, the 200,000 suburbanites would not be there at all. Like the nut cases who use the police as their cover, the granola liberals use the anarchist for theirs. While what the suburbanites advocate is an abdication of world leadership, they look respectable by comparison. But they are no more respectable than the rest.