Ridge: Al Qaeda Will Attempt To Disrupt Elections

Tom Ridge’s announcment, today, that Al Qaeda intends to launch a major hit on the US to alter the outcome of our November elections should be a wake up call to all the people, like Michael Moore, who think that Bush is the moral inferior to UBL.

I hope we have more spine than Spain. I hope the attack, should it materialize, will galvanize America’s resolve to carry the Bush Doctraine to it’s limits. I hope young men and women run to the nearest Armed Forces recruiting offices to help in the war against evil incarnate.

I hope, but I do not trust. My fellow Americans seem, for the most, weak and selfish. They lack anything approaching a long-range vision. If wiping out terrorism over the next 10 years means a dip in the stock market, well, we’ll just have to learn to live with terrorism.

Prove me wrong, people. Please.