Dean Hypocrite on Security (and so many other things)

As governor of Vermont, Howard Dean repeatedly ignored warnings that his state was unprepared for a potential nuclear problem involving the Yankee Nuclear Power Plant and that security at the plant was unacceptable.

According to the Associated Press, Dean, who criticizes the Bush Administration’s war on terror nearly every day, underfunded critical programs to secure the nuclear plant even after September 11.

“During Dean’s final year in office in 2002, an audit concluded that despite a decade of repeated warnings of poor safety at Vermont Yankee, Dean’s administration was poorly prepared for a nuclear disaster,” the AP story said

Dr. Dean’s continuing hypocrisy illustrates both his unfitness for office and his supporters' intellectual laziness. That his followers consider Dean’s lying, hypocrisy, and constant erroneous assertions indicates that these people are far more interested in the destruction of the United States than in electing a superior president.

Thanks to Drudge for pointing this out.