Rather Evades Points of Dispute

On the CBS Evening News tonight, Dan Rather lied about the reasons for questioning the authenticity of the National Guard documents he likely typed at home before cutting and pasting a dead man’s signature.

He claimed that doubters asserted that the CGTimes font “was not available” in the 1970s. No, Dan, no one’s claiming that. Typography experts are claiming, though, that the proportional font was not available on common typewriters in 1972. Yes, the font was invented in 1931. There’s an obvious difference.

He also clamed that doubters said that a typewriter is incapable of doing this. No one claimed that. People do claim, though, that the IBM Selectric II, which was the most advanced typewriter in use at the DoD at the time, did not have a font ball that did this.

Finally, CBS did not present a single contrary opinion to their own, fabricated party line. Pathetic. The AP found 3 experts out of 3 who claimed that two of the documents were likely forgeries, but CBS rehashes the same Kerry hack who originally “certified” these forgeries. What a joke.