In Case Europeans Happen By

I think that most of our allies–meaning more than 50% of the populations of the several countrie–are Nancy boys. The Germans, the French, as individual human beings, are inferior to Americans in most ways. They are inferior athletes, inferior writers, inferior scientists, inferior fighters. Except for whining, crying, and cowaring behind Uncle Sam’s red, white, and blue pants, I can’t think of anything the people in these two countries, and most of Europe, do better than Americans.

All of this was inspired by a piece in National Review Online. Well, not inspired–I’ve felt this way for decades. But after reading the NRO piece I wanted there to be no doubt that I think most Europeans are cowards, led by dwarves, inspired by mediocrity, seeking nothingness.

Were this 1999 and the US military were sitting around looking for some ass to kick, these girlie-boy Europeans would be clamoring at the United Nations for immediate and decisive action to stop the humanitarian crisis in the Sudan. Our television sets would be filled each night with images of starvation, disease, and mass murder perpetrated by an evil regime. Democrats—the American answer to European cowardliness—would be using the Special Orders hours each night to argue that Bush is racist for not sending troops.

I can hear Charlie Rangel now: “Were these pink-skinned, European children being eaten by flies . . .”

But where is the outcry? Where is the United Nations? Where are the European “intellectuals” and the Congressional Black Caucus?

They are turning away and letting millions rot and die. Why? Because they—these cowards, liberals, intellectuals, smugly superior “progressives”—know that if Sudan is a humanitarian crises that must be stopped, they will have to stop it. The US is otherwise engaged and cannot be disengaged and reassigned to this humanitarian problem.

Continued pressure by conservative organizations, including the Bush State Department, has force the UN to acknowledge that there is a problem. Europe still has not. Democrats in the US have not. Liberals, in general, have not. Years later, the killing goes on. As with Hitler and Fascism, Europeans wait for America’s army to fix the world’s problems. When that army isn’t available, Europeans see no problems.