Social Services Snobs, Part II

Why can they not even send a simple acknowledgement? Don’t they realize that a woman with a college degree wants to take a pay cut to work a nasty job helping society’s most vulnerable people, it’s a compliment? I even sent Target gift cards to the center so some of the young women could buy small gifts for their kids, or something for themselves.

The response from Almost Home’s communication director was shockingly cold, impersonal, and sarcastic:

I can assure you that all resumes that are sent into us are diligently looked over. We have received an enormous response from the employment ads that were placed and as such it has taken a considerable amount of time to go through.

We are a very small office with an even smaller budget, it is not financially responsible for us to reply to every applicant. The cost would be prohibitive. As a businessman I am sure you can sympathize with this. [Emphasis mine.]

I replied that I’m sorry I wasted her time, I didn’t realize the high cost of sending a boiler-plate e-mail saying, “We got it.”

Americans give more to charities in cash, time, and goods than all other countries combined [citation pending]. We believe in helping our neighbor, and many of us would like to do so without the government’s gun to our heads. But when an organization purportedly dedicated to helping young mothers is too uppity to acknowledge applications and too proud to say Thank You for a $50.00 donation, that charity should be shunned or its senior management fired. My guess is that those senior managers have a lot more to lose than those they assist. </p&g