Great Little Moments in Life

My wife prepared for a day trip to Granite City, Illinois, to see her parents and get her hair done at her favorite salon. I needed smokes and a coffee, so I drove to the nearby Mobil On the Run. As I emerged from the store, a beautiful woman with eyes like a Scandinavian model approached my left flank turned me, and planted a kiss that sent my mind swirling in confused happiness.

Of course, the woman was my wife. She’d stopped for gas and recognized my Explorer in the parking lot. Under the gray, snow-threatening skies of a December Saturday morning, I saw jealous men glance at us from the corner of my eye.

Moments like these cannot be caught, bought, or captured. They are little moments of pure joy that remind us that God reveals Himself at odd times and in unexpected ways.

Thanks, God. That little kiss will sustain me for months.