Dan Rather and the Mea Culpa

After reading William Safire’s piece on CBS’s fraud, I am convinced that CBS will have to retract and apologize before the week is out. When your friends tell you it’s over, it’s over. Dan Rather is, right now, Richard Nixon being told he doesn’t have the votes in the Senate to acquit.

What bothers me is how the MSM will treat Rather after he confesses. Instead of riding him out on a rail, he will be honored for his “remarkable courage.” A scapegoat, likely Safire’s mentally unstable formre Guardsman, will be offered up. The Kerry campaign will be exhonorated. In fact, Kerry will make it all Bush’s fault by saying, “You see, Mr. President, this is what happens when you start trying to besmear a man’s military record.” The smug bastard.

In the end, no one will be hurt–except the former Guardsman with the mental problems.