That's It!

I asked a couple people last night at rehearsal: “Are you ever standing on stage and all of the sudden, a thought pops into your head: ‘This is going to be AWESOME!’?” I had that feeling last night at rehearsal during the finale. We worked and re-worked that d*mn thing soo many times, but it helped sooo much! I (personally) understand and have such a better grasp on not just that song itself, but everything in the show–why the players do what they do, how they act, etc. (I suppose, for lack of a better way of putting it, I’ve found my “motivation”.)
Ater getting some direction from Mr. L and running the song yet again, I remember looking around at everyone–even without costumes, lights, and make-up–and seeing not individuals (Adrienne, Bill, Kevin, Bob, etc.) but CHARACTERS. And that thought popped into my mind: This is going to be AWESOME! Mr. L was right: that song is electric, starting at your toes and working its way up. Hopefully the audience will be as drawn in and electrified as we will be!
I am even more excited about the show now than I was before!