Long night

Well last night was certainly a long night…which was to be expected. I can not believe we open tomorrow night! It just completely blows my mind!
I was looking around last night at everyone in their full costumes, make-up, wigs, hair, etc. and it was just amazing–everything and everyone looks so fun and awesome!
I do have to admit, though, I am starting to freak out a little bit. I mean, I know everything will come together by Wednesday night–as it always has–but I still get paranoid before a show. Especially since I know my dad is coming on Friday night. Back in highschool, my dad would come to my shows–if I begged and pleaded with him, or my mom basically dragged him to them. Then he would sit in the audience and just look like he had fifty million other things he would rather be doing. So, eventually, he quit coming to them. Yeah, obviously it hurt–bad–but I would rather him not come and have me see him looking less than enthused to be there. Last night I stopped by my house to grab my checkbook and at least say hi to my mom, and she told me, “Friday night, it’s going to be me, grandma, Florence, maybe your brother, and your dad coming to the show.” I started rattling something off, then stopped dead in my tracks, “What did you say?” “Me, grandma, Florence, maybe your brother, and your dad are coming to the show.” “Dad’s coming?!” I asked. She told me yep, I hugged her, and left the house in tears. It means so much to me that he is coming, you have no idea. Theatre has become my life, I can’t see me ever NOT doing a show. I cried on the way to rehearsal I was so happy. Now I’m definitely pumped for this show and ready to perform!