Firefighters Make Lots of Money in St. Louis

A powerful union allowed to run amok in the St. Louis area’s fire protection district has made a lot of firefighters rich. It’s a little frustrating that the firemen in the safest districts seem to make the most money. It’s more alarming that a district that was better paid than any area union district unionized last year. That will only drive up the cost of fire protection for everyone. As with so many unions, expect this story in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch to result in fewer firemen who make a lot more money.

Also, isn’t it funny that unions spend so much time and money advertising about how competent and well-trained its members are compared to non-union workers. Yet some of the highest paid members of local 2665 are among the least trained fire fighters in the St. Louis area. Well, we can’t say John Dos Passos didn’t warn us.