Colin Powell Resigns

According to MSNBC, Secretary of State Colin Powell has submitted his resignation.

Having served as SoS during the most critical time since World War II, Powell must be exhausted. I am not Powell’s biggest fan, having learned much about him from several of his lieutenants when he was still a general in the Army. But he did a remarkable job under very tough circumstances. He deserves our sincerest thanks for a life of service to his country.

UPDATE: I’m happy to hear Jack Danforth, our ambassador to the UN, is rumored as a replacement for Powell. Danforth is one of the truly upstanding people in Washington, and he’s too good a man to be wandering the halls of the UN. As Secretary of State, Danforth would provide a level brilliant perspective that Powell lacked. Besides, being a fellow St. Louisan, I know Jack Danforth personally. I campaigned hard for him in is re-election battle with ultra-liberal Harriet Wood in 1982. As I mentioned in a previous post, Danforth’s Lincoln Day party room featured an open bar, while Ashcroft’s was serving soft drinks.

UPDATE: Poliblog is linking to at least one story that names Condi Rice as the leading candidate to replace Powell. I’ve been hearing for months that Condi wants out of Washington altogether, but we shall see. The Bush foreign policy and security teams are worn out from the war on terror. I think someone fresh, like Danforth, would be the best choice.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I WAS WRONG! It’s Condi. Sorry. My sources obviously suck. (Nope–Secretary of State is just too big a job to say “no” to.) Good call by Steven Taylor