Anti-Republican Violence

In today’s (Wall Street Journal), John Fund details recent AFL-CIO criminal activity aimed at intimidating Republicans in Missouri, Florida, and Michigan.  I brought some of these stories to Dean’s World’s attention last week while this site was down.

What could be more demonstrative of the Democrat intellectualism than these stories.  They send sub-human union neanderthals to smash up Republican campaign offices because they’re afraid of losing on merit.  Then again, isn’t the purpose of unionism to eliminate merit-based rewards?

The next time some lefty accuses Republicans of might-makes-right thinking, use these stories to point out the real proponents of the practice. And remember the wisdom of General Patton should you feel threatened at a polling place or campaign office:  �The only thing to do when some son of a bitch looks at you sideways is to beat the hell out of him right then and there.� 

The guy who throws the first punch usually wins.

UPDATE:  Blogs for Bush tells us that the tire slashers were caught