Attacking Atkins

Letigimate organization do a couple of things with their web sites:

  1. They list, by name and credential, the individuals who comprise their governing boards

  2. They identify researchers by name and credential

  3. They provide a means for readers to communicate with them, such as e-mail addresses or feedback forms

The Partnership for Essential Nutrition provides the public none of these. It is an annonymous clearinghouse for opinions of liberals who want to dictate what we eat and how we eat it. Should any reasonable person reall be concerned that people like beef and bacon?

Another thing PFEN fails to do is to back up its opinions with science. The group cites only three studies, all at least 3 years old, to back up its claim that low carbohydrated diets are unhealthy. What they fail to admit or even consider is that most scientific studies have concluded the opposite. PFEN is not looking for the truth; it is looking to take over your pantry.

Don’t trust any organization that hides behind a web site, doesn’t solicite your questions or comments, and refuses to provide for the slightest possiblity that it is wrong. Remember, the greatest scientists in the world believed that the smallest piece of matter in the universe was the atom. That was only 60 years ago.