Assuring His Fate

John Kerry has apparently decided to contest the presidential election in the courts by forcing Ohio, to count its 150,000 provisional ballots. Should that fail, perhaps he’ll sue everyone who voted for Bush. If John Kerry forces a prolonged fight in Ohio, he will have assured himself an ignoble, despised place in American history.

In 2000, Al Gore had several factors on his side that somewhat supported his challenges:

–Gore won the popular vote
–The contested state, Florida, had a difference of just 5,000 votes
–The country was at peace
–Voters in Florida had problems all night long

In 2004, Kerry risks an accusation of treason by suing to become president
–Bush won the popular vote by nearly 4 million votes
–The contested state, Ohio, has a difference of more than 130,000 votes in Bush’s favor, meaning almost 100% of the provisional ballots would have to be for Kerry in order to change the outcome
–The country is at war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Southeast Asia with hundreds of thousands of American lives on the line every day
–Except for long lines, Ohio had virtually no problems, and Democrats were permitted to vote until midnight

But reason is never good enough for these modern Democrats. Kerry and Edwards will sue and spin until Democrats, once again, convince themselves–and only themselves–that the President’s victory is illigetimate. The process will be gut-wrenching, especially for those watching from Iraq, Afghanistan, and the other front lines of the terror wars.

If you are a patriotic Democrat, call Kerry and ask him to go respectfully away. It’s the American thing to do.