Kerry Attacks Bush Slogan

John Kerry is mocking Bush’s “Turning the Corner” campaign theme.

“I think the American people are a heck of a lot smarter than some of these politicians and political consultants think they are,” Kerry told a recent, all-Democrat audience.

Mr. Kerry failed to tell them that he thinks Americans are too stupid to save for their own retirement, to decide how much to spend on medical care, to decide which cars to drive, to decide where to live, to decide where to send their children to school.

Kerry is a Democrat, and the core of his party’s philosophy is that only Harvard-educated elites can make day-to-day decisions for people. They believe, like Kruschev’s Kremlin, that the government stipulate productivity, work hours, compensations, prices, availability, seatbelt rules, driving rules, food ingredients, caloric intake, and virtually every other aspect of living.

Senator Kerry, if the people are too smart for politicians, they’re too smart to allow government and your Harvard buddies to feed, clothe, and shelter them.