Liberalism in the Dessert

Thanks to Joe Gandelman writing on Dean’s World, I just read George Will’s attempt at restoring sanity to liberalism and its party, the DNC. In this analysis, Will blames the stockpiling losses on liberalsm’s condescension, disrespect, and distrust of most Americans.

Will uses as an example a quote from Robert Kuttner writing in the leftist American Prospect:

“Bill Clinton won election by declaring, as a matter of values, that people who work hard and play by the rules should not be poor. Middle America forgave him for treating gays as people.”

As Will put it,

“Kuttner could not resist a spasm of moral vanity. He had to disparage “middle America,” which means most of America, as so bigoted it denies the humanity of gays.”

Liberalism’s snottiness toward “normal” people runs through Left2Right, a new liberal blog site which I blogrolled because some of the authors seem reasonable.

Reasonable, not right. In other words, they are reasonable in their explanation of the ignorance of their opposition. At least the folks on DemocraticUnderground believe conservatives are smart enough to rig elections, assassinate presidents, and invent AIDS as a means to elminate blacks and gays. And, to them, we’re smart enough to not get caught, even though “everybody knows” we did it.

I’m not so sure liberalism will recover any time soon. The movement liberals who make up and post on DemocraticUnderground aren’t really interested in winning elections. They think we mass in the middle unworthy of their cures. Better to remain the disgruntled powerless than rule swine.

I have to admit I’m enjoying this immensely. Liberalism has damaged millions of lives through welfare-enslavement, support for communism, support for terrorism, and destruction of the founders' Constitution. While others, like Will, feel compelled to reach out a helping hand, I’m content to sit back and let the smug bastards twist in the wind.